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Contact the office of Student Involvement

509-335-9667 | |Compton Union Building 320
Mailing address: PO Box 647204
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-7204

Denise Boyd

Fiscal Manager
509-335-7574 (Office)

"No matter your role at the university, creating a positive environment in which students can find their passion and future should be our focus."

Susan Butts

Finance/Budget Manager
509-335-6243 (Office)

"The best part of my job is watching the transformation of students. They join clubs as quiet, shy students and in no time you see them find their voice and passion."

Berto Cerrillo

Assistant Director
509-335-6816 (Office)

"Class is no longer enough on its own. The students that will get hired first will be the ones who took initiative and found ways to gain experience through the kinds of opportunities that Student Involvement and WSU has to offer."

Tamara Crooks

Leadership Coordinator
509-335-6948 (Office)

"College is so much more than just going to classes. There is a richness that is added to the college experience if you get involved."

Molly Gagnon

Assistant Director, Marketing
509-335-1359 (Office)

“I joined an entrepreneurship club when I was in college and pitched my invention for a “spider fighter” at a regional competition. I ended up walking away with $300 in prize money!”

Kandi Kambitsch

Fiscal Specialist
509-335-4717 (Office)

"Make the most of your time in college as the whole experience is more than just taking classes. Students who become involved outside of the classroom will definitely have a more rewarding college experience."

Dan Maher

Coordinator for Student and Organizational Development
509-335-2284 (Office)

"We are here for the students; It's all about the students."

Evelyn Martinez

RSO Community Advisor
509-335-2402 (Office)

"For many of our students, going to college is the first time they will be away from their families or high school friends. Getting involved in an RSO is the best way to create a sense of belonging and community. I am so excited to be a part of that process for our students!"

Brian Shuffield

Executive Director
509-335-3138 (Office)

"College is the perfect opportunity to really leave your mark by getting involved. Students can look back and look at all the lives touched by their four/five years here."

Phillip Sinapati

Multicultural Advisor
509-335-8442 (Office)

"My favorite thing about working here is the direct impact that we have on students. I have seen the growth that happens with students through the leadership programs. It is one of my passions to be able to help students identify their strengths and give them opportunity to grow in their confidence."

Cece Smith

WSU Global Campus | ASWSU Global Advisor
509-201-7069 (Office)

Chloe Swenson

Office Assistant 
509-335-9667 (Office)

"Being a Coug and having the opportunity to get involved outside the classroom is an opportunity that should be taken. Go Cougs!"

Rudy  Trejo

Associate Director
509-335-2375 (Office)

"With thousands of students graduating every year with the same degree you'll have, applying for the same job...what will set you apart from them? Your level of involvement and leadership during your time at WSU."