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See you at the fair

Meet your Registered Student Organizations through our second Virtual Student Organization Fair! A great way to meet people, join a club, win prizes, and support your student organizations.

Join the fair on Airmeet

Dates: Thursday, February 4
Times: Between 11 am - 1 pm PT. 
Format: Online via Airmeet

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Show the community what your org is all about!

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Enter for a chance to win prizes from the Bookie

Login to the Virtual Organization Fair between 11 am - 1pm for a chance to win prizes!

How it works

Once logged into Airmeet, participants will see a series of virtual tables, just like a real fair. They can then click on an open seat and meet with a member of the club through live video. After asking questions, listening, or just hanging out, participants can then leave the table and try out a new one. There is also a live chat available.  A laptop and Google Chrome are recommended (not required) for the best viewing experience.