Student Involvement

2017 President's Awards for Leadership Recipients

Since 1996, the WSU President’s Awards for Leadership have been bestowed annually to students and others who advance leadership and engagement at WSU and beyond.

  • Students

    Alexandra Anderson
    Madison Leigh Armstrong
    Brian James Bickel
    Samantha Bill
    Megan Azee Brendal
    McKenzie Britain
    Tyisha Brown El
    Paige Campbell
    Kakali Bhattacharya Chakrabarti
    Yu-Chung Chang
    Taylor Ann Christenson
    Jordana B. Dahmen
    Chijioke Emeka
    Kyla Emme
    Mark A. Figueroa
    Taylor Gale
    Gregg Gallegos
    Shuresh Ghimire
    Alyssa Griffin
    Emyly P Hall
    Joseph Hall
    Jesus B. Hernandez
    Brennan Logan Hyden
    Kelsey Jones
    Eden Kelshaw
    James P. Kent
    Olivia Danielle Ledezma
    Sierra Lewis
    Ricardo Luna
    Colleen Grace McMahon
    Julie Mercado
    Mariany Morales
    Erika Nonan
    Alyssa I. Norris
    Gabriela Olivas
    Keyla Gudalupe Palominos
    Gavin Pielow
    Garvin Price
    Alfredo Rosas
    Kevin James Schilling
    Mackenzie Selleg
    Kyle Strachila
    Ryan M. Summers
    Melanie Thornton
    Kellen Traxel
    Terrell J. Ware
    Erin Faith Weber
    Brittany L. Wood
    Maria Yepez

  • Student Groups

    Immunology and Infectious Diseases Graduate Student Association
    Professional Pharmacy Student Organization
    United Greek Council
    Circle K International

  • Faculty and Staff

    Dr. Deborah Ann Christel
    Andrew Hua
    Nicholas Hudson
    Dr. Marwa Sanad

  • Community Partners

    Boost Collaborative
    Pullman Community Council on Aging

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