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Student Leader of the Month

The Student Leader of the Month award recognizes distinguished student leaders who impact the WSU community and encourage others to learn and engage with student leadership offerings.

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January Student Leader: Amoje Moody

Amoje's time here at WSU so far has been utilized to its full potential. He has served here as the Director of the Up All Night for SEB. He has also helped with the multicultural community by being a mentor for the African American Center and he has his own WSU Radio Show.

With his leadership journey he says that it has been rough and turbulent but in all the right ways and for the right reasons. "It took time for me to re-calibrate my focus in order to direct myself towards my purpose. I'm more than titles or involvement." He says that by re-centering himself he was able to contribute to the greater communities that he represents.

December Student Leader: Francisco Ochoa

Francisco, A Junior standing at WSU has done so much for the student community already. He is the Executive Vice President for the United Greek Council where he helps focus on improving community life through service and education for the Greek community. He is also the Internal Affairs Co-Chair for the 22nd Children of Aztlan Sharing Education Conference (C.A.S.H.E) where he focused on bringing Latinx/Chicanx high school students from Washington to WSU to get empowered through educational and informational workshops.

He also has been involved in Cougs Guys and Gals, MEChA, Omega Delta Phi Fraternity Inc, SHAPING, and a mentor for the office of Multicultural Student Services in the Chicanx/Latinx student center.

He says that "Although at times it can be very stressful being so involved around campus, the feeling of gratification that I made a difference in my communities makes him even more determined to be successful in his academics."

November Student Leader: Makayia Thompson

Our October Student leader of the Month has been heavily involved in the multicultural community hear on campus. Her time in WSU so far she has worked in the Multicultural Student Services, has been apart of the Black Student Union, and has served as an Orientation Counselor to help the new Cougs get properly integrated into the WSU community. Makayia says that she will continue to lead and help cougs even beyond her time here at WSU.

One piece of advise that she wants to give future leaders is "Actions speak louder than words so leading by example is the best way to efficiently show others how to be the best person they can be."

October Student Leader: Ian Smay

Throughout his time at WSU, Ian has been heavily involved with the Daily Evergreen and Murrow News 8. His passion for journalism began in high school, and his involvement at WSU has fostered and grown his dedication to providing the truth to the public. In his time as a leader on campus Ian has learned that the most rewarding challenges are rarely easy, but it is important to keep pushing. 

On getting involved on campus, Ian says "It may be hard to join a club or explore your passions, but it is worth it in the end, and you will gain friends and experiences you will never forget."

Ian Smay October Student Leader

September Student Leader: Bradley Warren

Bradley is the current Vice President of Marketing for Coug Guys and Gals, the student hospitality division of the Cougar Athletic Fund. Coug Guys and Gals serves as the student face of the Athletic Fund that provides and enhances the unforgettable PAC-12 game day experience.
As the 2018 Election Board Chair Bradley and his team ran the most successful election in school history by not only increasing turnout, but also the number students running in the election. 
At WSU Bradley has been involved in ASWSU, Coug Day in the Capital, BSU, MEChA, Cable 8, Murrow News 8, KUGR and The WSU Rowing team. He served as a coxswain on the varsity women's team and an oarsman on the varsity men's team. 
Bradley was also the workshop director for the Vibes and CASHE conferences. These weekend-long conferences invite high school students with multicultural backgrounds to WSU to spark conversation about higher education.
Currently Bradley is an intern at KHQ Local News in Spokane and looks forward to a career in broadcast news.