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Student Leader of the Month

The Student Leader of the Month award recognizes distinguished student leaders who impact the WSU community and encourage others to learn and engage with student leadership offerings.

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October Student Leader: Ian Smay

Throughout his time at WSU, Ian has been heavily involved with the Daily Evergreen and Murrow News 8. His passion for journalism began in high school, and his involvement at WSU has fostered and grown his dedication to providing the truth to the public. In his time as a leader on campus Ian has learned that the most rewarding challenges are rarely easy, but it is important to keep pushing. 

On getting involved on campus, Ian says "It may be hard to join a club or explore your passions, but it is worth it in the end, and you will gain friends and experiences you will never forget."

Ian Smay October Student Leader

September Student Leader: Bradley Warren

Bradley is the current Vice President of Marketing for Coug Guys and Gals, the student hospitality division of the Cougar Athletic Fund. Coug Guys and Gals serves as the student face of the Athletic Fund that provides and enhances the unforgettable PAC-12 game day experience.
As the 2018 Election Board Chair Bradley and his team ran the most successful election in school history by not only increasing turnout, but also the number students running in the election. 
At WSU Bradley has been involved in ASWSU, Coug Day in the Capital, BSU, MEChA, Cable 8, Murrow News 8, KUGR and The WSU Rowing team. He served as a coxswain on the varsity women's team and an oarsman on the varsity men's team. 
Bradley was also the workshop director for the Vibes and CASHE conferences. These weekend-long conferences invite high school students with multicultural backgrounds to WSU to spark conversation about higher education.
Currently Bradley is an intern at KHQ Local News in Spokane and looks forward to a career in broadcast news. 


April Student Leader: Matthew Morrow

Matthew first joined ASWSU over concerns about textbook prices. He then decided to run for the ASWSU Senate where he found his passion for legislation and policy-making. Since then he has been actively involved in the policy-making process as ASWSU Director of Legislative Affairs. 

Matthew said some projects can seem monumentally difficult or require years of hard work, but with a little persistence, you will find that plenty of your fellow students will offer you a helping hand. For anyone interested in getting involved in ASWSU he says the only qualification for getting involved is wanting to help others, all the other skills come with time. 


March Student Leader: Sydney Pederson

Sydney is currently the active President for Planned Parenthood Generation Action at WSU. She started volunteering with Generation Action during her Freshman year and was elected to the position of Communication Coordinator for the club that Spring semester. She has served as President for the club for both her Sophomore and Junior year, and attributes her continued activism to her passion for access to healthcare and comprehensive education. Without a passion for what she does it would be hard to put in the hours necessary to help support her organization. She encourages other leaders to reach out and ask questions, because the only way to continue to build strong organizations on campus is through solid networking.

sydney pederson

February Student Leader: Noah Benson

The main way Noah has gotten involved at WSU is through Cable 8, a student run broadcast organization. Noah says his time at Cable 8 has been some of the best times he’s ever had because writing, directing, editing, and everything else that goes along with making a show is what he has always been passionate about.

The main lesson Noah would like to share from his leadership story is never be too scared to do anything. That’s not to say you can’t ever be scared, being nervous is just a part of life, but never let fear keep you from doing what you want to do.

His tips for anyone looking to enhance their engagement or start their leadership journey is try as much as possible. There are so many great opportunities at WSU and everywhere else too.

noah benson

January Student Leader: Alec Solemslie

Alec first got involved at WSU through student organizations within his major and later became active in hall government, including the Residence Hall Association and National Residence Hall Honorary. Alec knew the only way to know if he was passionate about being involved was to take a deep breath and take a leap of faith.

Alec's suggestion for those starting their leadership journey would be to just take a leap of faith in finding a new organization or becoming part of a bigger role in current organizations. Let your mind dream of possibilities. Speak up and be heard, but also listen and understand. But, in the end, know that even the smallest actions can change everything for the better.

December Student Leader: Alex Steiner

Alex found his passion for both FarmHouse and Health & Wellness by exploring and being willing to take risks. Putting yourself out there seems frightening, but nothing new comes from staying in your comfort zone.

He believes you can't be afraid to take the first step to finding your passion. Opportunities present themselves to those who seek them out. Even if you make mistakes along the way, you can always dust yourself off and try again.


November Student Leader: Lyndsee Vargas

This year, Lyndsee not only serves as the President of WSU's chapter of Tau Beta Sigma, the national honorary band service sorority, but also as the piccolo section leader for the Cougar Marching Band and the vice president of its band council.

Lyndsee’s biggest tip for starting a leadership journey is to figure out what you’re passionate about. Whether she is helping the piccolo section of the Cougar Marching Band or leading Tau Beta Sigma in service around the Palouse, she has found that compassion for others is what drives her and is what she hopes her leadership style demonstrates.


October Student Leader: Joe Kurle

Current Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity member Joe Kurle is October's Student Leader of the Month. He was nominated for his efforts to ensure everyone stayed safe during fall 2017 Greek recruitment.

Joe is a former president to his fraternity and is the International Fraternity Council’s current director of policy and procedure. One piece of advice Joe has for fellow Cougs is to never fear the opportunities that present themselves, no matter how daunting or beyond your personal capacity they might seem. Do not let fear of failing deter you from ever even trying.

September Student Leader: Victoria Waltz

Victoria is a Pullman native and a member of the Automotive Enthusiast Club (AEC). She's had an interest in cars since she was a child. She was nominated for this award for her amazing follow-through skills and her ability to create meaningful relationships between campus and community partners and the AEC.

Her advice to students is, "When you find something you're good at and you feel comfortable with, just stick with it and become a master at your craft. And you never know, the leader inside you might just be waiting to come out."

Victoria Waltz