Student Involvement

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Emerging Leaders Program

Emerging Leaders is the largest and fastest growing leadership certificate program at WSU, with more than 200 students. Designed for highly motivated, first-year students, participants will develop skills to be future leaders at and beyond WSU.

Participants gain an understanding of their individual values and the impact they have on their leadership style.

Fall 2018 Applications

Applications for fall semester open June 2018. Refer back to this website for more information.

Program Requirements

  • Available to first-year students
  • Can be completed fall or spring semester
  • Time commitment: Approximately 1 - 3 hours per week
  • Must attend leadership weekend
  • Must attend 10 events
  • Must complete 5 core workshops
  • Must complete e-portfolio

Our Program Model

The Emerging Leaders Program is based on the Social Change Model, and the individual values of the first three C's of the model:

  1. Consciousness of self
  2. Congruence
  3. Commitment

In an effort to enhance student learning and facilitate positive social change, the Social Change Model of Leadership Development was created in 1993 by the Higher Education Research Institute of UCLA. This model emphasizes the need to understand self and others, in an effort to create community change. It is less about the leader and more about the leadership community.

The Social Change Model is based on the following assumptions:

  • Leadership is socially responsible, it impacts change on behalf of others
  • Leadership is collaborative
  • Leadership is a process, not a position
  • Leadership is inclusive and accessible to all people
  • Leadership is values-based
  • Community involvement/service is a powerful vehicle for leadership

Through participation in the Emerging Leaders Program, students will learn and practice the skills needed to make change in their own lives, community, and the world to become active global citizens.

Currently Enrolled?

Students currently participating in the Spring 2018 Emerging Leaders program can view program requirements and the core session schedule below.

Spring 2018 Program Requirements Spring 2018 Core Session Schedule