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You can lead.  We can help!

A free online leadership certificate program for first-year students.

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First-Year WSU Students


Time Commitment:

1 - 3 hours per week



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Becoming a leader

Everyone has the potential to be a leader and WSU's nationally recognized program will help you learn how. Meet new people and practice the skills needed to bring change in your own life, community and the world!

Earning your certificate

Spring requirements


Emerging Leaders participate in 7 workshops before the end of the semester. You will learn more about yourself and your leadership values, as well as how to be most successful in school and campus life at WSU.


The Student Leadership Conference

Join the largest student leadership conference in the region, bringing hundreds of students together to develop effective leadership skills. Participants engage in workshops that match their interests, current leadership roles or future opportunities. 

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The Social Change Model

Emerging Leaders is based on a leadership model focused around enhancing student learning and facilitating positive social change. Our model is less about the leader and more about the leadership community.

The Social Change Model