Student Involvement


Emerging Leaders participants are required to attend at least five workshops before the program ends. No workshops will run through school holidays or vacations. Workshops are designed around the first three C's of the social change model: consciousness of self, congruence, and commitment. You will learn more about yourself and your leadership values, as well as how to be most successful in school and campus life at WSU. Specific topics include communication, delegation, time management, financial wellbeing, exploring values, happiness, and cultural competency.

Get Involved Panel

The purpose of the Emerging Leaders program is to get students involved, so we are bringing the opportunity to you! Hear from current student leaders in areas like Greek Life, Residence Life, ASWSU, and more on how you can find your place within their communities!

Start With Why

Everyone has a purpose that drives them to success, their “why”, in this session we will explore what your “why” is and how you can use it to amplify your WSU experience.

Event Planning 101

Did you know that most student organizations on campus plan their own events? It’s true! Student are in charge of most of the logistics whether it’s the catering or the room reservations. In this session we will give you the tools for success that will help you host events for your fellow students to enjoy!

Meet & Greet with ASWSU

Meet the current student leaders within the Associated Students of Washington State University (ASWSU) and find out ways to get involved! Learn more at

Meet & Greet with the Student Entertainment Board

Meet the current student leaders within the Student Entertainment Board (SEB) and find out ways to get involved with their committees that plan events on campus! Learn more at

A Visit from the Mayor of Pullman

The Mayor of Pullman always stops by at least once per semester to give a lesson on public speaking, which is fitting because he is the “Voice of the Cougars” when he announces at football games!

Stress and Time Management

College can be stressful and a balance between finding time for your friends, your school work and other commitments you hold like a job! Learn firsthand from different student leaders on campus about how they manage their stress and their time successfully!

Effective Communication and Feedback

Roommate issues? Coworker issues? Just issues in general? It might be about communication. Learn how you can give and receive effective feedback to strengthen your leadership and sense of self.

Your Mental Health with Cougar Health Services

Cougar Health Services provides an array of programs that promote healthy living, some being about mental health. Learn more from the experts about how you can get involved with their programs! Learn more about Mental Health Promotions.

What Kind of Leader Are You?

During our program, you will explore your values and how they can strengthen your leadership. This session is designed to help you dive deeper and connect you to leadership opportunities that align with your values.