Student Involvement

Types of Events

Is your group planning a group meeting, informational table, or an event? It is important to know the difference when filling out the event registration form on CougSync.

Group Meeting

A group meeting is when your RSO is only reserving a meeting room or classroom to conduct RSO business or hold informational sessions. No hazardous activities. If the meeting is open to non-members, no food or alcohol can be served.

Informational Table

An informational table is designated as an event where groups are promoting their organization, or a cause, by simple information dispersal (e.g. flyers, poster displays, word of mouth). No food, alcohol, or loud music.


Any event that is more complex than simple information dispersal (e.g. performances, bake sales, banquets, athletic events, etc.--see "suggested time table" for additional event examples and event request submission timeline).

Because Each Event Is Unique See Our Suggested Time Table Below

Event Type

Suggested Submission Before Event Date

Catered food events with a custom menu (e.g. cultural food-related events)

9 weeks

High risk events (e.g. dances, events with physical activities, events with 100+ attendees, bonfires, haunted houses, events involving chemicals)

6 Weeks

Events with alcohol

6 Weeks

Auctions with high-value items

6 Weeks

Comedy or play

5 Weeks

Bake sale events

5 Weeks

Food events (e.g. events requiring a food permit, standard catered events)

3 Weeks

Auctions or sales with low-value items

3 Weeks

Film showings without food

3 Weeks

Standard tabling requests

2 Weeks

Group meetings

1 Week


Free Speech Events

For protests, rallies, and other expressions of free speech to be held within two weeks, please email so we can help with event details and expedite your event approval.

Steps to Register Your Event in CougSync

  1. Login with your WSU ID and password at
  2. Go to your current memberships and access the organization page you want to create an event for. (If you are not an officer of the page or the primary contact, this option will not appear.)
  3. Select “manage organization”. In the hamburger menu in the upper left of the page, access “Events”
  4. Select “Create Event” in the upper right of the page to begin the event request process.
  5. Once the request has been submitted, please remain active on the conversation feed of your completed event request to address any questions the reviewers have about your event request.

Need Help?

If you have any questions, give us a call at 509-335-2402, email, or visit us in the Student Organization Center located in CUB 331.