Student Involvement



Our mission is to strengthen our student leadership and prepare them to provide transformative experiences for all students, to create a vibrant Cougar experience and prepare for life after WSU.


Our vision is to support meaningful, co-curricular experiences for every WSU Student.


  • Innovation and Intentionality :  We value understanding student issues and trends in order to build upon and create innovative programs and initiatives that meet student needs.

  • Communication and Respect:  We value open, honest, and transparent communication by practicing and encouraging respectful dialogue and active listening to ensure professional and supportive relationships.

  • Integrity and Stewardship:  We value upholding and modeling the ideals of Washington State University, advocating for student needs, and being responsible stewards of our resources.

  • Positive and Open Environment:  We value creating spaces that promote a positive student experience, encourage a professional work environment, and allow all students to feel safe, welcome, and supported.

  • Equity and Inclusion:  We value maintaining respectful, inclusive, and equitable initiatives that promote community building, intercultural exchange, and diverse perspectives.