student leaders handing out food during the VIBES conference

student leaders handing out food during the VIBES conference

Advised by WSU, Led by You

At the center of campus programs and events are your Chartered Student Organizations. Powered by student fees and advised by campus staff, they offer some of the best in campus entertainment, student government, community, and more! 

The Big Three

Meet the three largest organizations advised by our team.

Associated Students of WSU (ASWSU)

ASWSU is the student governing body of WSU. They advocate for current and prospective students, promote student initiatives, and enhance your WSU college experience. 

Student posing together during the SHAPING conference

Student posing together during the SHAPING conference

Multicultural Conferences

ASWSU organizes three incredible conferences each year to welcome high school students to WSU.

Conference Details

Student Entertainment Board (SEB)

SEB brings dynamic and accessible arts and entertainment programs to the WSU campus that are representative of what the student body wants to see and do. SEB hosts 250+ events during the academic year!

Advisor: Elizabeth Akin,

Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA)

GPSA is the representative body for the graduate and professional students at WSU. They advocate on behalf of graduate and professional students.  They also provided academic, professional, and financial support for these students and facilitate communication within the graduate and professional student community. 

Advisor: Matt Shaw,

Even More Organizations


The representative body of all music students at WSU aims to excite and inspire all students with and through music.

Cable 8 Productions

Equipping students with practical television production and management experiences.


A diverse source of college interest entertainment offering students a platform for self-expression and broadcast experience.


WSU's longest-running literary arts journal! Accepting and publishing student-created work since 2000. 

Sport Clubs

Meet the 20 plus Sport Clubs providing competitive programs for WSU students.


A student theatre group that loves to put on shows and have a great time! STAGE also includes the award-winning Improv Comedy group Nuthouse.

Promoting a Chartered Student Organization

Specific marketing tactics, resources, and guidelines are available for Chartered Student Organizations. Learn about promoting a Chartered Student Organization.