Events  Registration

All Student Organization events should be registered through COUG Presence. You will find the in-person event requirements outlined within the event registration form. For virtual events, COUG Presence has integrated ZOOM events, so that your attendees in ZOOM will show up as having attended your event. Please contact us with any questions.

Register your Registered Student Organization event

Types of events

Is your group planning a group meeting, an informational table, or an event? It is important to know the difference when filling out the event registration form.

Group meeting

A group meeting is when your RSO is only reserving a meeting room or classroom to conduct RSO business or hold informational sessions. No hazardous activities. If the meeting is open to non-members, no food or alcohol can be served.

Informational table

An informational table is designated as an event where groups are promoting their organization or a cause, by simple information dispersal (e.g. flyers, poster displays, word of mouth). No food, alcohol, or loud music.


Any event that is more complex than simple information dispersal (e.g. performances, bake sales, banquets, athletic events, etc.--see "suggested time table" for additional event examples and event request submission timeline).

Timeline for requesting an event

 Event type

Submission time

 Information Tables
Ex: Food / raffle / fundraising. Does not include info tables
2 Weeks
Ex: Simple events, events w/ food, events w/ 100+ people
3 Weeks
 High-Risk Events
Ex: Mechanical bulls, animals, athletic activities, etc.
4 Weeks
 Events w/ Alcohol on campus
Ex: Obtain a license or permit from WA State Liquor & Cannabis Board
7 Weeks

Free speech events

For protests, rallies, and other expressions of free speech to be held within two weeks, please email so we can help with event details and expedite your event approval.